piątek, 29 stycznia 2016

Star Wars Redesign contest

I have done an image for the Star Wars Redesign contest on CG+.

Here are some steps and tricks:

1. I started with refrence gathering and sketching some thumbnails. I knew I would like to do some duel like scene but not in an obvious way. After couple of sketches I decided to make something in like wild west style.

2. I've gathered some reference and "style" board for myself. It helps me keeping with a style and inspire me to be as good:D I've applied simple colours to check my paintinmg as a whole. At this point it is important that the composition stays easy to read!

 3. Next step: Modo time. I am not as good in 3D to model the whole Tie fighter! But I am good enough to break it :D 

The model itself was done by super talented Kehlan:


4. Added proper background smoke and character- redesign of a Darth Maul.

 5. Decided that the pose of the character look a little bit stiff. So I photograph myself in a couple of poses to get some nice reference. 

6. Final Result


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