środa, 6 kwietnia 2016

The Truck

I recently done a truck based on a mike hill tutorial http://www.mikehill.design/

It was a fun and new experience to me. I've learned a ton of new stuff. Now I am less afraid of 3D and for sure will use this approach for next designs.

1. Simple sketches to get the idea out.

2. 3D design and model

3. Lineart to show the design

Funny note
After doing the lineart by hand I found that you can do awesome base by rendering the model in keyshot in just a couple of minutes. It sure need some polishing but as a base works great. Here is a comparison :

4. Color versions and render

piątek, 29 stycznia 2016

Star Wars Redesign contest

I have done an image for the Star Wars Redesign contest on CG+.

Here are some steps and tricks:

1. I started with refrence gathering and sketching some thumbnails. I knew I would like to do some duel like scene but not in an obvious way. After couple of sketches I decided to make something in like wild west style.

2. I've gathered some reference and "style" board for myself. It helps me keeping with a style and inspire me to be as good:D I've applied simple colours to check my paintinmg as a whole. At this point it is important that the composition stays easy to read!

 3. Next step: Modo time. I am not as good in 3D to model the whole Tie fighter! But I am good enough to break it :D 

The model itself was done by super talented Kehlan:


4. Added proper background smoke and character- redesign of a Darth Maul.

 5. Decided that the pose of the character look a little bit stiff. So I photograph myself in a couple of poses to get some nice reference. 

6. Final Result